shadow [shad′ō]
[ME schadwe < inflected forms (gen. & dat. sceadwe) of OE sceadu, SHADE]
1. a definite area of shade cast upon a surface by a body intercepting the light rays
2. the dark image made by such a body
3. [pl.] the growing darkness after sunset
a) a feeling of gloom or depression, a suggestion of doubt, etc.
b) anything causing gloom, doubt, etc.
5. a shaded area in a picture or X-ray
6. a dark area, as of a very short growth of beard
7. a mirrored image; reflection
a) something without reality or substance; imaginary vision
b) a ghost; apparition
9. a vague indication or omen; prefiguration [coming events cast their shadows before]
a) a faint suggestion or appearance; trace [not a shadow of hope]
b) remnant; vestige [a mere shadow of his former self]
11. a close or constant companion
12. a person who trails another closely, as a detective or spy
13. Rare protection or shelter
1. Archaic
a) to shelter from light or heat
b) to shelter; protect
2. to throw a shadow upon
3. to make dark or gloomy; cloud
4. to represent vaguely, mystically, or prophetically; prefigure: often with forth
5. to stay close to or follow, esp. in secret so as to observe the movements and activities of
1. to change gradually
2. to become shadowy or clouded (with doubt, sorrow, etc.): said of the features
1. of or belonging to a SHADOW CABINET [a shadow minister]
2. darker, indistinct, not plainly perceived, etc.
in the shadow of or under the shadow of
1. very close to; verging upon
2. under the influence or domination of
under the shadow of
in danger of; apparently fated for

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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